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Black Dog P-90 (dog ear)

Black Dog P-90 (dog ear)
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Black Dog P-90 (dog ear)
Reference : 600
The P90 « Black Dog » wired by myself is a really powerful pickup. The output level is clearly higher compare to a PAF-style humbucker. It’s amazing for a single-coil pickup!

Thanks to the scatter winding, this pickup has an exceptional definition. Bass frequencies are warms, mediums omnipresents, highs are smooths even on bridge position.

It’s really easy to get some crunch sounds with this pickup. Clean sounds are fat, with a lot of grind.
This pickup is build with MWS Plain Enamel wire (Lollar, Bare Knuckle…) and Alnico 5 magnets.

Bridge and Neck pickups are winding in opposition for hum-cancelling.
They are available in dog ear, humbucker or soap bar format. Cream color or black. Please let me a message in the comment case before validate your basket. Don’t forget to tell me the position you need :

Bridge : 9k
Middle : 8,7k
Neck : 8,2k
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