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Reference : 050
The NOCAB allows you to play the guitar without any cab or speaker. On Stage or in studio, you'll get five different cab simulations on two symmetricals outputs (jack / xlr) plus one headphone output.
It connects instead of your speaker / cab : Most of the time by using the speaker output of your amp, or directly on your speaker female cable shoes (with a special cable available on the P&P shop).
For what use ?
Silent recording (if no cab / speaker are plugged in the "Thru" output) by connecting the NOCAB to your recording system with an xlr or jack cable,
Home playing with headphones while keeping your usual config (amp, effects...),
Playing live by connecting the NOCAB to your sound system.
Settings : 4 outputs : Cab (Thru), headphone and 2 balanced (Jack / xlr) and one input (Amp). On the top, two knobs : Cab simulation and volume. A ground lift switches is present as well. The 5 different cab simulations are:
Closed Back
Open Back
A 120 watt multi-impedance (2 to 16 ohm) load is integrated to keep your amp working safely.
It is fully passive and does not require power.
As every P&P products , it comes with a 2-year warranty, parts and service
Dimensions : 12 x 10 x 8,5cm
2020-12-31 179.00179.00
Adapter Jack // cable shoe (male)
Adapter Jack // cable shoe (male)
Speaker cable, 80cm
Speaker cable, 80cm
Speaker cable with angled connectors
Speaker cable with angled connectors
Male / Female cable
Male / Female cable